UA-EA-Production Test System EA-UADC Test System-Shenzhen DT

The test was conducted in a simulated laboratory environment that simulated a variety of charging scenarios and conditions, including varying temperatures, humidity and grid voltage fluctuations. Manufacturers hope that through this test, they can fully understand the performance of charging piles in real use scenarios, and find and solve potential problems in time. During the test, the manufacturer conducted a comprehensive test on the functions and performance of the charging pile. First, they tested the battery charging speed and efficiency of the charging pile. By connecting different types of electric vehicles to charging piles, manufacturers can monitor the adaptability of charging piles to different car models and ensure that charging speed and efficiency are not affected. In addition, the manufacturer has also carried out strict tests on the safety of the charging pile. They simulated extreme situations such as battery overheating, high voltage and short circuit to verify whether the charging pile can work normally under these conditions and ensure the safety of users. Test results show that the charging pile is successful

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