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Shenzhen Saiter new energy technology Co., LTD

Under the background of global carbon peak and carbon neutrality, the construction of ecological civilization has become a topic to be solved in the new era, and the new energy automobile industry has ushered in major opportunities and breakthroughs, and the era of rapid development has come.


Shenzhen Saite New Energy Technology Co., LTD., as a national high-tech enterprise in the research and development, integration and service of the global new energy vehicle charging interactive test field, Saite people always take the mission of "inspecting the world's cars and testing the world's piles", and are committed to providing stable, accurate, convenient and efficient professional test and measurement products. As a technology innovation-driven enterprise, the company's technical team accounts for nearly 50% of the total number of the company. It has set up offices in Beijing, Xi 'an, Zhejiang, Hunan, Sichuan and other places. It has obtained a number of qualifications such as "National high-tech Enterprise", "Shenzhen High-tech Enterprise", "Member of the Think Tank Committee of the Chinese Metrology Society", "Zhongguancun Inspection and Certification Industry Technology Alliance". Participated in the formulation of National Energy Administration standards and industry standards, and won the Machinery Industry Science and Technology Progress Award, China Charging facilities industry Outstanding testing brand, Guangdong Province Science and Technology Progress Award.

Saite has always adhered to the purpose of technological innovation and win-win cooperation, has rich experience in the research and development integration of projects in the field of charging interactive testing, and successfully won the bid and completed a number of key projects of enterprises and institutions.


Saite New energy products focus on the terminal experience of new energy testing products, mainly divided into 3 categories:


Field class---Rich application scenarios, to meet a series of test requirements such as real vehicle and pile charging quality diagnosis and analysis, new energy vehicle on-site charging match test, charging station construction acceptance, regular inspection and daily maintenance testing;


Laboratory class---Provide a complete set of global charging standard test solutions, systematic platform testing.


Production and measurement class---

For charging pile manufacturers and new energy vehicle manufacturers to provide efficient, accurate, stable and reliable high-end intelligent manufacturing test solutions to greatly enhance the research and development strength, the total number of patent applications more than 100, more than 20% of the annual revenue into the research and development team construction, to establish a stable and scientific research and development intelligent marketing platform and rigorous quality control system to provide strong support.


Under the background of the global "double carbon", the new energy industry ushered in the golden period of growth. Let us witness the new energy era and the all-round counterattack of China's own brands!